Girl Reverts to Islam During Dr Zakir Naik Lecture

CAIRO – A Christian girl reverted to Islam during a lecture by Dr Zakir Naik in Padang Astaka, Kemaman, Malaysia, last night, taking the shahada, declaration of faith, before thousands of attendants.

“Did I not respect Islam?” Wu Nina Grace, 19, asked the 50-year-old Dr Zakir, Astro Awani reported on Friday, April 15.

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Grace made the decision during the final lecture titled ‘Muslims’ Choice – Faith or Destruction’, by the renowned Islamic preacher Dr Naik.

In a question-and-answer session, Grace explained that she is familiar with Qur’an verses including Al-Fatihah and Kursi.

Dr Zakir asked her if she believed that there was only one God and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Grace agreed with Dr Zakir as he continued saying, “If you believe in this concept, I believe you are a Muslim.

“You want to say the shahada?” asked Dr Zakir to Grace.

Standing in silent for moment, Grace recited the shahada as tears flowed freely from her and the audience as well.

The program marked Dr Zakir’s fourth since he arrived in Terengganu on April 9.

The speech was uploaded by ‘Web TV Terengganu’ YouTube channel.