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CollabDeen, New Smart App for Muslims in Ramadan

Muslim entrepreneur Fateh Ali and his partner Mohamed Hussain will launch a smart startup app named ‘CollabDeen’ in the holy month of Ramadan

This app is meant to encourage Muslim millennials all over the world to visit mosques daily and contribute to their communities, My Salaam reported.

“The trigger for developing CollabDeen came when I realized that most Muslims are yet to adopt technology to the fullest to communicate and interact with their community,” Ali explained who based his app on Amazon Web Service.

“I want to get all Muslims, their brands and businesses signed up and verified on his platform so they can interact and resolve problems using AI, machine learning and other technology,” he further explained.

CollabDeen aims to provide every Muslim with smartphone tools to access local community events, live streaming, and enhanced engagement via personalized content. But Ali says, “this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as services from this platform is concerned.”

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The Muslim entrepreneur, who’s now in his thirties, was born in Bangalore and spent most of his career between Fidelity Investments in India and JP Morgan in Singapore.

“We want to provide the best and latest technology to mosques and the Islamic community globally, regardless of size, geography, and language; the real intention here is to bring Muslims together while I help them save time (productivity) and money (cost-effective solution) for their communities,” he said.

CollabDeen, New Smart App for Muslims in Ramadan - About Islam

Entrepreneur Fateh Ali aims to unveil his Muslim tech startup at Ramadan

Moreover, he explained that “CollabDeen isn’t a religious platform. It’s a social technology product that fits into the lifestyle of Muslims. Our aim is to make the platform affordable and sustainable for global communities.”

Talking about his app, he said: “I talked to at least 250 mosques and Muslim community centers, from Sydney to Jakarta, to Malaysia, to see how technology can be used to help the ummah.”

CollabDeen’s latest features include ‘Business Communities’, which focuses on value creation for brands and businesses by leveraging the app’s huge database and target audience.

According to Ali and his team’s analysis, “5% of the global Islamic economy’s spend on marketing is on social media, whose algorithms sometimes falter in spotting the correct target audience for a brand.”

“In general, every company spends 8% to 10% of their marketing budget on social media and other ad platforms. Collabdeen is specifically for Muslims. We have a strong [grasp of] how Muslims behave and hence can create better value for small enterprises trying to make a mark in the global community.”

Smartphone applications appealing to Muslims have been a hit recently.

In January 2019, the first Muslim lifestyle app, Salam Planet, went global, offering Muslims a chat service as well as the Islamic offering of prayer times, qibla finder and masjid locator.

Recently, the Muslim relationship app Muzmatch hit one million users threshold.

Along with Muzmatch, other applications such as Minder and Salaam Swipe offer similar services to Muslims.

In July 2016, an app allowing millions of Muslims to easily navigate the Grand Mosque in Makkah was released to guide users from anywhere in the world to places inside Muslim holiest place of worship.