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Ya Nabi Salam Alayka – Maher Zain

Here is the international version of Ya Nabi Salam Alayka by Maher Zain. Listen to this beautiful nasheed about our beloved Prophet here.


Gönüllärde hasretin var. Yüreklär ashkenla tcharpar. Sensiz Dünya bizlere dar Seelam sana Ey kotlu yar. (Our souls long for you Our hearts beat with your love This world without you is unbearable for us Peace and blessings upon you O Prophet).

With submission, faith and patience You conveyed the noble “message” Brought us light through your guidance. Peace be upon you my beloved Ya habibi ya Muhammad (Muhammad O my beloved)


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Ya Nabi salam ‘alayka. Ya Rasool salam ‘alayka. Ya Habib salam ‘alayka. Salawatu Allah ‘alayka. (O Prophet peace and blessings be upon you O Messenger peace and blessings be upon you O Beloved peace and blessings be upon you May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you).

Teri mohabbat kee mehek se. Yeah zameeno asma abadh hain. Rehmat kee barsat aati hain. Dillo jaan ya rasoola Allah. (By the fragrance of your love The earth and sky reside You’re a monsoon of mercy Beloved of my heart O Messenger of Allah).

Ayyuhal mukhtaru feena Zaadanal hubbu haneena Ji’tana bil khayri deena Ya khitaamal mursaleena. Ya Habibi ya Muhammad. (O you who was chosen from amongst us Our love has increased our longing for you You came to us with everything good embodied in a religion O Seal of all messengers Muhammad O my beloved).