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Why Should We Pay Zakat?

Why should we pay zakat? In the Quran 9:103, Allah tells Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “take from their wealth as a means of purification for them and causing them increase and pray for them for verily your prayer serves as a reassurance for them and Allah is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.”

This verse explains why we must play zakat. When Allah says take from their wealth, it is an order. This implies that it is an obligatory act that we must comply with. We must remember that Islam takes from our yearly surplus not our yearly earnings. That, which you need to survive is yours but that which is surplus is what you give from your wealth.

When we give zakat is a purification of our money. The surplus is not ours. Allah gave that to us this is why He wants us to give it away as a means of purification and increase. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “charity does not decrease from your money.”

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Allah asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to pray for them and he did when he took the zakat from people. This is a big blessing from Allah.

We have to remember that when we give zakat it is because Allah told us too. However, it is also about giving back from what has been given to you.

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