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Why I Became a Muslim – Jojo’s Story

Here is a beautiful revert story from sister Jojo. This is why she became a Muslim. This is her journey to Islam.

Islam is perhaps the most stigmatized religion in the world. She knew there were good and lovely Muslim people but she felt she had to look past their religion to see their good qualities.

She was raised a Christian Quaker but a very liberal one. She was always deeply attracted to religion but she didn’t have the tools to pursue it in the way that she wanted.

She met some Muslims at college and she thought they were some of the coolest people. They were smart, funny and kind. This made her look into the religion of Islam. She wasn’t impressed at first with some of the loosely translated passages of the Quran and thought these Muslims were fooling themselves.

The more she researched the more fascinated she became. She was especially impressed with the role of women in Islam. She found that deeply empowering.

When she became a Muslim she lost many friends. She is still very confused about certain aspects of Muslims. She doesn’t understand the Sunni/Shi’a divide. She doesn’t understand why Sufis are so hated. She is also deeply opposed to the infiltration of salafism. She doesn’t understand why so many Muslims worship the hadith instead of the Quran.

One of her favourite things about Islam is that it has taught her to look at the world and see how beautiful it is.