Why Do Muslims Perform Hajj?

Why do Muslims perform Hajj? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Companions revered the Kabaa as the original construction of monotheistic practice. In the beginning, they did this with struggle.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) renewed what was originally there. The practice of Islam, worshipping Allah alone. He didn’t bring anything new, this was a practice way before him.

In the Quran 22:27-29, Allah tells Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to call the people to Hajj. Ibrahim (AS) left his wife and child in this barren land in the desert, known as Makkah. He would visit them over time. When Ismael became older, Ibrahim visited him and they build the foundations of the Kabaa. He was told to call the people for Hajj.

They will come on foot or by camel to witness what is beneficial for them and to remember the name of Allah in the well-known days. Until today we do this!

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