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Why Didn’t Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Stay in Makkah after Its Conquest?

Some of us may wonder why didn’t Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stay in Makkah after its conquest? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entered the city of Makkah in the 8th year after Hijrah and many wondered if he would stay in Makkah.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gathered everyone and he brought the citizens of Madinah and he asked them what is it they worried about? They said they worried that he would stay in Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smiled and said “my life is with you and my death is with you.”

He told them that his home was Madinah. When he was in Madinah he made the most beautiful dua. “O Allah, make Madinah beloved to us like you have made Makkah beloved to us and even more so.” So Madinah became more beloved to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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