When Should Kids Establish Prayer?

At what ages should kids establish prayer and keep them regular upon it? This is a very important question many parents ask. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said we should enjoy and play with our children in the first seven years. In the next seven years, we should teach them. Then in the next seven years we should be their friends in life. 

For the first seven years the child should see prayer as an enjoyment, doing somersaults over you as you are in sujood. Once they get to seven, then you should lay down the foundations. Teach them to do a good wudhu, teach them what to say in the prayer and what it means. Never shout or yell at them if they haven’t prayed. If they haven’t prayed tell them “I haven’t prayed yet, why don’t you pray with me?”. 

By ten years old they should have developed their prayer. They are not praying through fear but habit and love. Love your children and encourage them to pray through love not fear.