When is the Best Time to Make Shahadah?

When should one embrace Islam? When is the best time to make shahadah? It should be taken when you ask the question sincerely what is the purpose of life? Why am I created? How do I fulfill that purpose? And when hearing about Islam that is when one should take the shahadah. 

There may be hesitation taking shahadah. Maybe it is the social construct in the area, you may not get along with some of the Muslims in your area. May be there are some discrimination practices in the local mosque in your area. Remember one thing, Islam came for the core of your character, your principles that starts and ends with your relationship between you and Allah. 

You came into this world alone. You are living in this world alone. Establishing that relationship with Allah is you alone. Don’t let one person or a community of people stop you. Start with the shahadah to establish the relationship, this is the prevention. It doesn’t matter what bad habits you are doing, the shahadah will help you stop those bad habits. Remember you will face Allah alone. 

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