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What Will the Angels Report about You?

In a hadith, it is mentioned that the angels have shifts. The day shift is from Fajr till Asr and the night shift is from Asr till the following Fajr.  During the times of the “shift change”,  the day angels go up and the night angels come down, both groups of angels are present. This means our deeds at Fajr and Asr are recorded twice.

When they go back to Allah, Allah asks them “How did you leave my servants?” The angels reply “When we left them they were praying and when we returned to them, they were praying”. What a great report to give to Allah!

If you pray these two prayers well, then whatever is in between them Allah will forgive it.  Do not forget every Monday and Thursday, the angels give Allah the weekly reports. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) encouraged us to perform great deeds on this day such as fasting.

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