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What Does the Shariah Say about Oral Intercourse?

This is a common question among married couples. What does the Shariah say about oral intercourse?

This type of intimate act comes under the grey area that the Shariah is explicit about between the husband and wife. We do not have a lot of quotations about this in the Shariah. The reason being is that this was a sexual habit that was frowned upon in the Eastern part of the world. This is a Western notion. The pre-Islamic Arabs knew of this act and they saw it as vulgar and not something that is done by noble people.

Nobility does not translate into haram and halal. Just because something isn’t noble doesn’t mean it is not haram. There is not a detailed discussion about this in the Fiqh books because it was something that wasn’t common.

There are very few references to this act and one of those references is that some scholars allowed it. One Hanafi scholar said that it is OK for the husband and wife to kiss the private area of each other.

Another scholar has said that oral intercourse is makrooh (disliked) and others have said that it is not makrooh. A Maliki scholar has also said it is allowed for a man to lick his wife’s organ.

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However, a lot of modern scholars say that it is not allowed. They say that the mouth is a noble organ and it recites Quran and Dhikr. And some can reply that even though it is a noble organ it doesn’t make it sinful if a couple engage in this act. It will not make it punishable. People can say it is not encouraged or befitting but you can’t say it is haram without any evidence.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses this in great details.