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What Did Jesus (PBUH) Look Like?

What did Jesus (PBUH) look like? This is probably the most debated physical description debated in history! No other prophet is described by the Prophet (PBUH) physically more than Jesus (PBUH).

The reason why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described him so much is because it is important we distinguish him from the anti-Christ.

Allah never sent a prophet except that they had a beautiful appearance and a beautiful voice. Jesus (PBUH) was neither too tall nor too short. His hair was long, it was as if pearls were falling from his hair. He had beautiful skin and beautiful hair. There is debate about his complexion even among the Companions. Some say he had reddish skin. Others say he had the most beautiful brown skin.

At the end it doesn’t matter. We know that Jesus (PBUH) was not European. This was used for political reasons to get people to follow Jesus (PBUH).