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What Are the Dead Doing Now?

This video summarizes what is happening in the life of Al-BARZAKH right now. The Prophet (saw) once saw a dream and he said that “last night someone came to me (angels) and they took me into the skies. They took him to the world of the dead. They reached a place and he saw a man lying down and another man throwing a stone on him repeatedly. The Prophet (saw) asked the angels “Who is this?” The angels told him to move on. They passed another man who had a hook and was cutting another man’s face with it. The Prophet (saw) asked “who is this”, the angels said to move on. They passed a lake which was red and there was a man swimming in it carrying stones from one side to another. He asked “Who is this?” the angels again said to move on. They passed men and women who are all naked and getting burned by fire. 

They then passed by an old man with a white beard surrounded by children in a beautiful garden. The Prophet (saw) asked who was this, the angels said to move on. They passed people whose one side of their face was ugly and the other side beautiful. They would go into a river and when they came out their face was restored to full beauty!

Finally, the angels told the Prophet what all these images meant. The first person getting crushed by a stone was too lazy to get up for fajr prayer. The person getting their face cut used to spread lies about others. The third person who was swimming and carrying stones took loads of interest. The people who were naked in the heat they committed adultery. The ones whose faces were half beautiful and half ugly, their good deeds are equal with their bad deeds or who’s good deeds were not enough. They are burned for their bad deeds and then saved from the fire and restored. The man with children around him was Prophet Ibrahim (as) and he was surrounded by the children who had passed away before their age of reasoning.

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