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We Are Raising Men who Are Boys.

One of the greatest tragedies of our Ummah today is that we are raising men who are boys. One of the reasons that there is a high divorce rate is that there are weak men who cannot sustain a household, a lifestyle of sabr, of patience of speaking truth, of restricting harm. 
Look at the context of the Quran when Allah speaks of men in a source of honour and pride he links it to a condition, true men are those that are truthful to what they make as a promise between them and Allah. 

Some sisters scream out the most because from the outside their husbands look like they are religious and good people. Another sister said in her 9th month of pregnancy her husband had no mercy on his wife. She was still expected to do everything in the home he wouldn’t even put a cup in the sink because he is a man.

When we look at Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he said: “the heaviest of the thing that was the most sincere covenant” You have promised to take care of, assist and be responsible for the home. 

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