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In Pursuit of Happiness:

Trust Allah; Know Your Creator

(Inspiring Stories from The Qur'an)

Do you trust Allah? Do you know your Creator? If you trust Allah you will get to know your Creator.

In this video, sister Yasmin Mogahed shares her reflections on several stories in the Qur’an, starting with the story of the mother of Moses, peace be upon him. God commanded her to throw her child in the water to protect him from Pharaoh.

This is one of the most powerful stories in the Qur’an, as it is virtually impossible for a mother to throw her child in the water, but she did. She trusted Allah and obeyed His command.

These stories in the Qur’an are not just stories we read, but a source of inspiration for us to emulate the lessons learned for us to trust Allah (SWT).