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This Deed is Better than Ferraris

One day the Prophet (pbuh) came to his companions and said “Which one of you would like to go to buhtan or al Aqiq (market for selling camels), and bring back two camels, that are the best of the best camels? Who would like to do this every morning? These animals can be yours without any sin”. The companions replied they would love this! The Prophet (pbuh) then said “when one goes out in the morning to the masjid and learns 2 ayas, is better than 2 camels and 3 ayat is better than 3 camels and so on”.

In these days terms camels can be compared to our ferraris, bentleys, big businesses! Learning the Quran is much better than any of these. It is such a small effort yet the reward is huge. The rewards of seeking knowledge are huge. The best form of knowledge is learning the book of Allah.  How is our relationship with the Quran? How often do we open it and read it? Dedicate a certain amount of time to the Quran everyday. It is the main way to learn about Allah (swt) and learn about our deen.

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