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The Thief and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal – A Story Against Judgmental Attitude

Do you know Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal? He is highly respected figure in the Islamic History. Here is a touching story which we can all learn about having a judgmental attitude.

Indeed he founded one of the four schools of Islamic legal knowledge (Fiqh).

In this enlightening lecture from Abdul Nasir Jangda, we learn about a motivating story that was reported by the son of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.

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It is well known that Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal faced religious persecution and was sent to prison. He refused to obey the Caliph at that time who had succumbed to these incorrect beliefs about Islam and the Quran as well.

While under torture in the prison, he met a thief Abu Haitham al Haddad. When he introduced himself he said: “I am the one who had been punished with over 18,000 lashes, all of them were for this life and I did not give in!”

And instead of telling the Imam that he should save himself and obey the caliph for the sake of stopping the torture, he had a total opposite message.

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In fact he told the Imam: “I exhort you to be patient and take these lashes and be firm. You are being punished for the sake of Allah and the Hereafter.”

Imam Ahmad later said: “It was his words that kept me firm.” Until the day he died, Imam Ahmad kept praying for Abu Haitham al Haddad.

In conclusion Abdul Nasir Jangda gives the moral of the story. Never underestimate anyone, including yourself because everyone has something to offer.

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