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The Watchful: In Awe of Allah – 3

Do you often remember and feel that Allah (SWT) is The Watchful?

In the last episode, brother Mohamd Abutaleb reflected on Allah’s name Al-Azeem (The Most Great, the Supremely Great).

In this video, he reflects on the meanings of Allah’s name Al-Raqeeb, The Watchful.

In the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) says:

Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer.” (4:1)

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And in Surat Al-Ahzab, Allah (SWT) says:

And ever is Allah , over all things, an Observer.” (33:52)

So Allah (SWT) is Watchful not only upon us, but upon all things and all affairs.

He knows the secrets hidden in the chests of people. This knowledge should make us hold ourselves to the highest standards because we know Allah is with us, and is aware of everything we do.

When Angel Gabriel asked the Prophet, peace be upon him, about Ihsan, the highest level of faith, he responded:

That you worship Allah as if you see Him, and you know if you don’t see Him that He sees you.

This is a meaning which is very much tied with the name of Allah “Al-Raqeeb”.

And as a reminder, how many times have our hearts tempted us to do evil, or we thought of doing wrong, and before we did it we closed the door and made sure no one was looking, and then we did that bad deed?

How many times have we concealed our faults from men, and not been embarrassed to sin in front of Allah (SWT)?

A practical exercise to do in order to benefit from understanding the meaning of Allah’s name Al-Raqeeb is every time you do something, say the sentence “Allah is watching me.”

Remember all your deed are being recorded, and keep your heart always attached to Allah, The Watchful.

Don’t miss this excellent 12 minute video by brother Mohamed Abotaleb and always remember Allah.