The Secret of Abu Bakr (ra)

When Abu Bakr (ra) became Khalifa, everyday after fajr prayer he would go in the opposite direction of his house and go deep into the desert. Omar (ra) was curious to know what he was doing there.

He followed him to watch where Abu Bakr went.

Abu Bakr went into a run-down house and spent a long time in there, way past the time of sunrise. 

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When Abu Bakr went back to Madinah, Omar (ra) knocked on the door of this run down house. Inside was a very old lady who was blind and frail. Omar asked her “what is your situation” she replied “I am an elderly lady and have no one to take care of me and I have some orphan children to take care of”. 

Omar asked “Who is this man who comes to see you everyday”. She replied “He never told me his name May Allah reward him, he cleans my home, washes our clothes, cooks our breakfast, he grinds the wheat and then he leaves”.  Omar asked “Do you pay him anything” She said “Nothing”. At this Omar (ra) started to cry. SubhanAllah what a leader! 

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