The Purpose of Fasting

What is the purpose of fasting? Fasting is defined as voluntary deprivation for spiritual conditioning. You voluntarily deprive yourself of eating, drinking and intimacy with your spouse from sun up to sun down. This is a means of becoming closer to Allah.

In the Quran 2:178, Allah says: “O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed on those before you, perhaps you will become of those who are of the righteous.” Fasting was around a long time before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was ordained on people before him.

Christians fast during lent. It is a practice of sacrificing something to remember the sacrifice of someone else and to remember the greatness of God.

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Fasting in the month of Ramadan is a beautiful and blessed time. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) talked about this and Allah has mentioned in the Quran.

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