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The Most Great: In Awe of Allah

Allah is the Most Great, the Supremely Great.

Brother Mohamed Abutaleb starts this episode with the following question:

“Is Allah a big deal in your life?”

Allah’s name Al-Azeem is a big help if you have forgotten the place of Allah in your life.

How many times over the years have we said in SalatSubhan Rabia Al-Azeem?”

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Glory be to my Lord the Most Great?

But think how many of us have internalized the meaning of this Divine Name?

Do you know who Al-Azeem is?

The Qur’an mentions this name of Allah in many verses, among them at the end of the verse of the Throne “Ayat Al-Kursi” where Allah says:

His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.” (2:255)

The word “Azeem” in the Arabic language comes from the meanings of greatness or supremeness or magnificence.

Allah (SWT) is great in His names, His attributes, His actions, His commands, in His dominion and in His power: His greatness cannot be restricted in one domain over another.

He is Azeem in His Self, which is intrinsically great, meaning Allah (SWT) is great because He is Allah.

He is the Most Great, and His greatness cannot be encompassed by our minds, it cannot be quantified.

Imagine how small you are compared to all human beings, compared to this earth, which itself is a small part of the solar system, which is a small part of the Milky Way, which is a small galaxy among hundreds of billions of galaxies.

If this is all part of the dominion of Allah, then imagine the greatness of Allah Himself. If you hold on to that thought for a minute, then imagine that Allah is greater than that thought and anything you may conceive.

There are also many other meanings of how the creatures of Allah magnify Him, and this is another meaning of Al-Azeem: the One who is magnified and the One who is glorified.

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