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The Islamic New Year – A Time for Hope

We are now in 1442. It is a new year so should we be hopeful about the new year ahead?

As you know our Islamic new year has started. The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar. It is called Hijri, which signifies the major event of Hijrah when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went from Makkah to Madinah. When Muslims entered Madinah, they were able to establish their own society, laws and rules. This was a big turning point in our history.

1441 has seen many challenges for Muslims. We have also witnessed COVID19 fot much of it. So should we be hopeful that 1442 will be a better year? We should pray that it will be a successful year for Muslims. We have survived the pandemic and we are learning to live with this virus with precautions.

Dr. Shabir Ally discusses why we should be hopeful in this new year.

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