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The Halal Way to Get to Know Your Future Spouse

This is a common question asked by many young Muslims looking to marry. What is the halal way to get to know your future spouse?

In Islam it is OK to get to know each other before marriage but how do you do that? The guy should go to her house and he has the right to ask the family questions he may want to know. The woman has the right to be there when he is in the house. 

It is very important to be open like Khadijah for example. When she knew about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) she asked about him. A woman can do this and she can also take her father or brother to go and visit his family. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it is with a mahram. The woman has a right to get to know his family also. 

Check these tips from Sheikh Hussain Yee. 

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