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The Drug Dealer Who Memorised the Quran

When this young man, covered in tattoos, entered the masjid for the first time, worshippers were uneasy. The imam approached him to find out more and discovered an incredible TRUE story.

The young man had lived a life of crime, had been in jail twice for dealing drugs but on his third arrest his whole life changed. He knew that the penalty would be severe and for the first time in 10 years he fell into sujood. In desperation, he made a promise to Allah that if he was granted a reprieve, he would memorise the Quran.

Against all odds, he was released. Approaching each relative who had attended court with him that day, he gathered some money, got on a bus and headed to the nearest Quran school.

Within just 8 months, he learned alif, baa, taa and then the entire Quran from cover to cover. Wow! SubhanAllah.

We can all learn a valuable lesson. Never judge people by their appearance and never believe that someone with a bad past can’t have an incredible future.

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From Gangster to Islam