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The Angels Visit Prophet Ibrahim

Mufti Menk tells us the story of when Ibrahim (as) went back to his wife sarah. He was a very generous person and 3 visitors had come to meet him. He wanted to serve them something but there was only a little bit of meat left. 

Ibrahim (as) ordered a full calf to be cooked for them, just 3 people This is how hospitable he was subhanAllah! Then he noticed they did not eat it. Ibrahim (as) began to get scared as to why they did not eat. He asked them “who are you? They replied “Do not fear Ibrahim we are not humans we are angels. Allah sent us to give you news and to destroy the people of Lut”. Then  the angels told Ibrahim and his wife the good news that they were expecting a child. 

Ibrahim (as) was worried about the people of Lut and begged the angels not to destroy them. The angels explained that they were following Allah’s instructions and they told him Lut (as) would be saved.

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