The Amazing Abdullah ibn Mubarak (ra)

Abdullah ibn Mubarak (ra) was an amazing personality. He was the only Imam who was never disparaged. One year he would do jihad, the next year he would do Hajj. He lived in a place in central Asia and travelled every second year to perform Hajj. 

After he performed Hajj he is slept and saw a dream. Two angels spoke. One asked “How many people have performed Hajj this year?” He said “60,000”. They asked “How many of those Hajjs are accepted?”. They said “Not even one except for a man called Abdullah ibn Mufiq, a cobbler from Damascus!”

Abdullah ibn Mubarak wokes up and was deeply concerned. He travelled to Damascus and found Abdullah ibn mufiq. He related his dream to him and the cobbler replied “I am a cobbler and my income is so little for many years I have been saving up to perform Hajj. This year I had enough to go but my wife is pregnant. She was smelling meat from the neighbours house so Abdulillah ibn Mufiq went there and asked them for some meat. The neighbour told them “this meat is halal for me but haram for you. For many days my children have been starving so I found this dead donkey on the road and cut some meat from it.” Abdullah ibn Mufiq went home and gathered all his savings for over 20 years and gave it to his neighbour and said this is my hajj. 

He didn’t even perform Hajj but his Hajj was accepted subhanAllah!

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