Talaq! Talaq! Talaq! – Sinful Divorce

It is very sinful to issue a divorce by saying talaq! talaq! talaq! It is the wrong way of doing things and it is not what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has taught us. 

Islam is beautiful. If you are married and you are having problems and you can’t solve the issues between you then Islam tells us to involve elders from both sides. Allah tells us that if both parties would like to solve the problem then Allah will grant them that.

However, in the case that both parties cannot get along and they wish to part ways then they can get a divorce. Islam allows divorce. However, there is a correct way to issue divorce. Allah tells us to issue one divorce not three. When one divorce has been issued, a separation period is allowed. If within that time you decide to reconcile then you can without any issues. 

f after that you decide you still can’t get along then you can give a second divorce. You will still have time to reconcile. However, if you get back together and you still can’t live together you are allowed a third divorce, after this though, you must marry someone else. 

Mufti Menk discusses in detail.