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Start Planning Your Ramadan from Now!

Can you believe we are almost at the time of Ramadan again? It is really important for you to start planning your Ramadan from now!

You must plan how much Quran you wish to read, how you are going to fast, what voluntary salah are you going to read.

You can also plan what you are going to listen too in terms of lectures and how you will expand your knowledge.

The reason why it is really important to make these serious intentions already is because we do not know if we are going to reach Ramadan. In the case where we don’t make it to Ramadan because Allah takes us away, then we will have a full reward for all of the serious intentions we were planning to do in Ramadan. If we reach Ramadan then we will get double the reward for doing them.

It is always good to start planning from now. Plan it in a beautiful way and be serious about it.

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