Secrets of Mecca’s Marble

This very interesting and informative video The Grand Mosque’s Marble regarding the secrets of Mecca’s marble. It uncovers some of the wonders of  the marble floors of the Grand Mosque and around the Holy Kaaba in Mecca.

For a Muslim, going to the holy place of Mecca whether it is to perform Hajj or Umrah  is a life-changing journey. The guardians of the sacred site had to take into consideration many important factors regarding the choice and design of the ground as so many pilgrims walk on it.

Interesting Facts

This video explains how the architects, engineers and technicians have worked on 3 essential features:

  • The smoothness and sturdiness of the material
  • The coolness of the ground (temperature can go up to 50 Celsius / 122 Fahrenheit)
  • The direction of the tiles which are showing the prayer direction
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It was said that the ground was cooled off by a series of water pipes underneath the marble tiles. In fact the engineers are using the natural properties of one very rare type of marble from Greece (Thassos marble) to help keeping the floor cool.

While Allah  created every stone with specific attributes and characteristics, it is our duty to investigate, understand and use it to fit our needs.

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