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Ramadan Preparation; Start from Today

Ramadan will be here before we know it so let’s start our Ramadan preparation from now! We don’t want to start Ramadan without being prepared!

First thing to do is review last year’s Ramadan, what were you good at? What were your strengths? What do you need to improve on this year.

The next thing to do is write your Ramadan goals for 2021. They key to goal setting is to keep them realistic and attainable. Don’t be overly ambitious that you don’t achieve what you set out to do.

Thirdly, write a to do list! What are all the things you need to do before Ramadan starts? Bulk shop, clean your house, decorate your home and make sure all you need for Ramadan is ready and prepared.

Then schedule your acts of worship. If you are working, what can you do on the commute to work, or before you start working? What can you do in what would be your lunch break? What can you fit in before iftar?

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