Q&A: Is Praying 5 Times a Day too Much?

It is fair to say that knowing that Muslims praying 5 times a day can comes as a shock for many.

Some might even say that it looks like Muslims have a lot of time on their hands.

In this short video Dr. Shabir Ally is answering this question:

“Why do Muslims have to pray five times a day, doesn’t this seem like a huge burden?”

His first answer is: no it isn’t a burden.

There are Muslims who are struggling to find time to pray; hence they feel disconnected from their Faith.

Some Muslims think that skipping prayers is expected in our modern life, because there is no “time” to meditate or engage in spiritual acts.

But the reality is that the majority of the Muslims manage their 5 daily prayers just as one would manage brushing his teeth.

Indeed it is all a matter of habits. Getting your prayers to fit in your day is sticking to a routine.

In fact the basics of a routine are to commit to a regular activity.

When we look at it more closely: there are plenty of habits we can switch to fulfill or daily prayers.

As well, one has to consider the benefits of the 5 prayers: it connects you to God throughout the day.

Finally experiencing sakeena (peace of mind) during and after the prayer, is a priceless feeling. The prayer is one of the main tool we have to reach inner peace inshaAllah.

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