Q&A: Why Can’t We See Allah?

Some may ask why can’t we see Allah? Believers are asked to believe without seeing Allah’s face, but rather to see and feel Him through all his creations, his book the Quran and his Prophets.

In today’s society where all can be seen due to Internet, the numerous technologies and social platforms; it is difficult for many people to believe that Allah exists.

Why can’t we see Him? Why is He hidden from us?

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And what if we could? Wouldn’t it nullify the purpose of our tests?  How free would we be, knowing that the one we are suppose to obey to, is as visible as anyone around us?

In this video:

In this video Dr. Shabir Ally answers 3 main notions:

1-    Anatomically: our inability to see the infinite: whether it is something microscopic or simply where the universe starts and ends. What does the Quran or other holy books are saying about that matter.

2-    Mentally: since there were no messenger sent after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) our interrogations about Allah’s presence is normal. Allah has answered in the Quran to these questionings.

3-    Intrinsically: Our very nature is about our Freedom of choice and judgement. As we cannot see Allah then we choose to follow or not. If we didn’t have a choice, many things would be pointless.

Regarding this last point, Dr. Shabir uses an analogy of the Eye of Sauron in the “Lord of The Rings”.

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It is more difficult to make a personal choice when you can see the one who can see you everywhere you go.