Prophet Muhammad’s Truthfulness

Truthfulness in general is a pre-requisite for any individual to receive something spiritually from Allah (SWT).

Speaking the truth always, even in times of difficulty, even when it goes against your own interest.

That was the way of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him. Before Allah revealed to him the Qur’an, he was known in Makkah as Al-Sadiq Al-Ameen, the truthful one and the trustworthy one (peace be upon him).

The concept of telling truth is a moral virtue that I feel like in the societies we are living in we have shied away from.

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We have this concept of white lie, like it’s OK to tell a small lie, or it’s not a major lie.

Well, that’s not true. A lie is a lie, and for you and I to be a people of spiritual purity, we have to eradicate from our hearts the desire and the want to lie.

We should be a people of truth. The Prophet, peace be upon him, told us that truth will always lead to salvation. And he told us that lying will lead to destruction.

Now some of us have told what we consider to be white lies, and what we realize is that one lie starts to build upon the other…

If we didn’t lie in the first place, we wouldn’t have got ourselves tied up in this terrible situation that we are in.

If we are in terrible situations, and if we have put ourselves in positions that we need help getting out of, my one piece of advice to myself and to you is to call to Allah (SWT) with His name “ya Lateef“, the One who is Gentle and the One who brings comfort…

So tell the truth.

May Allah (SWT) make us people of truth.

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