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Pray until Your Last Breath

Do you know how Umar ibn Khattab died? He was stabbed whilst leading the prayer. He had a big open wound in his stomach. He faded in and out of consciousness. He heard the adhan, he started to get up, he said he has to pray.

He said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said there is no deen for the one who doesn’t pray.

In Surah 19 ayah 31, Prophet Isa (PBUH) said that “My Lord has firmly commanded me to pray and to give charity or to purify myself as long as I am alive.” This is a very powerful reminder of how we approach the prayer and how we implement prayer in our lives.

Until our last breath, we should be committed to pray. We shouldn’t let anything stop us praying whilst we are alive. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived his life this way.

Allah Loves when You Pray on Time