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Open Mosque Day in Colorado: Look What I Saw!

Have you ever attended an Open Mosque Day?

Over 70 visitors from the Golden area visited the ICG and spent close to three hours learning about Islamic history, theology and culture; even politics sneaked into the interactive and lively discussions.

As most of the visitors sat on the floor and few on chairs, Mr. Ally’s introductory presentation underscored some of the similarities between three Abrahamic faiths. He also answered many questions on a wide range of topics.

“Seeing how the Islamic Center of Golden (ICG) looks like from the inside is a bit of let down, isn’t it?” With this light-hearted comment Omar Ally started his conversation with the mid-day visitors to our modest mosque.

The first introduction inside the mosque was to the call to prayer (the adhan).

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Mr. Ally translated into English what each part of the adhan meant, then continued with explaining different issues of the Muslim faith and answering questions from the visitors.

Most of them had not been to a mosque before, so this was really their first experience, though some did have a Muslim friend.

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