Moses in Islam – 10 Surprising Facts!

Many non-Muslims are surprised to learn that Muslims really love all prophets. One of the biggest stories throughout the Quran is that of Prophet Moses (AS). Here are 10 surprising facts about Moses in Islam. This is perfect to share with your non-Muslim friends. 

10. When Prophet Moses (AS) was born in Egypt, his life was in great danger and Allah inspired his mother to take action to protect her son. Quran 28:7.


9. Moses killed a man, repented to Allah and fled Egypt. He married a woman and worked for her father. Quran 28: 14-28.

8. Moses returned to Egypt with his family and when he was near Mount Tor, he saw a fire. This is described in the Quran 28:30

7. Moses brought several clear signs to Pharaoh about Allah but Pharaoh accused him of sorcery. Moses leads his people out of Egypt through the Red Sea when the sea opens up. Quran 26: 61- 68

6. Moses spoke to Allah directly but when he asked Allah if he could see Him, Allah cast his reflected glory over a mountain and the mountain turned to dust. This caused Moses to faint. Quran 7:143

5. When Moses returned to his people they had taken to worship the calf. The Quran exonerates Aaron. Quran 7:150

4. Children of Israel rebelled against Moses and the Quran narrates Moses’ powerlessness over his people. Quran 5:25

3. Prophet Moses is honoured in the Quran and described as one of the greatest prophets. 

2. Moses is revered as being specially favoured by Allah who could converse directly from Allah. He received the Torah directly from Allah and not an angel.

1. Moses was one of the prophets that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met during Israa and Miraj. It was Moses who told Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to ask for a reduction of prayers for his people. 

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