Mary, Jesus and the Culture of Character Assassination

Character assassination is today widespread, whether on social media or even on mainstream media.

Are there examples in the Qur’an of righteous people faced with slander and false accusations?

Most of God’s prophets and righteous people have been in fact tested with these types of accusations. Among them were Mary the mother of Jesus, peace be upon him.

The Qur’anic narrative of the story of Mary and Jesus thousands of years ago points to vices that plague the world today—derision, arrogance, abuse and ultimately, having a poor opinion of others.

These spiritual diseases are at the root of much of the disharmony of the modern human condition, whether in debates about theology and methodology or the mundane minutia of petty matters between neighbors.

How does the story of Mary and Jesus (peace be upon them) teach us to both spiritual purify ourselves from these maladies and deal with the haters?

Sister Zainab Ansari reflects on some verses in the Qur’an which tell the story of Mary and her son Jesus, peace be upon him, with focus on verses 16 to 34 of Chapter 19.

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