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Lockdown is Easing, How Do We Pray Jumu’ah in Mosques?

As the world’s lockdown is easing, how do we pray Jumu’ah in mosques? Many health authorities around the world are reopening places of worship, including mosques, so how do we go about praying in them?

In normal circumstances, we should rush to the mosques to pray Jumu’ah as Allah tells us in the Quran. Jumu’ah is an obligation on men and it will always remain the same obligation. Of course during COVID we had to pray at home because of this virus. 

The mosques are preparing for Muslims coming back to pray. So we MUST go back to the mosques to pray. However, we must follow the new rules of what is allowed due to COVID and in order to stay safe. 

We know that capacity has been narrowed down, we can’t pray in large groups like we used too. Everyone should bring their own masks and carpets to pray on.
Take note of the conditions that each mosque has put in place in order for us to return back to pray Jumu’ah prayer. 

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