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Islam Saved Him from a Life of Crime and Drugs!

He was born in Brisbane but moved to America when he was 7 years old. His parents split up and his mom met someone new and remarried. It was a lot of fun growing up just near New York but it was the wrong kind of fun.

Religion was a part of his life growing up, his mom encouraged him to pray when he was a boy. As soon as he was old enough not to go to church, he stopped going. When he was 16 they moved back to Australia because he was on the wrong path with the kids he was hanging around with.

He dropped out of school and managed to work a few jobs. He was married young at 22 but when it ended his life took a turn for the worse. He started doing drugs and crime. In 2007 he was sentenced to 10 months in prison for drug related crimes. As soon as he was out he returned back to crime.

Somewhere along the line he started to be in touch with his spiritual side. He started going to a Baptist Church and feeding poor people. He believed in God but he didn’t feel satisfied with Christianity. He always wanted to read the Quran and go to the mosque. He called one of his friends and asked him to take him to the mosque. He had a feeling of total serenity. He no longer had the desire to use and he has been clean now for 5 years. 3 months after he converted, his mom converted as well!

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