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Isa’s Arrival Explained

Isa will descend but how will he descend? His hands will be on the wings of two angels next to the white minaret at the Eastern side of Damascus. Now these minarets exist, but at the time of the Prophet (pbuh)  they didn’t. 

The Muslims at this time will be thinking what should we do? They will prepare to go and meet Isa face to face. Before they begin the journey they get up to pray fajr, the whole area will go dark and then a light will shine and Isa (as) will be there among them. Isa (as) will be told to lead them in salah. Isa (as) will put his hand in between the mahdi’s shoulders and tell him to lead the salah instead. 

After the salah the doors will open and Isa (as) will look out and from afar and see the false messiah. The real messiah and the false messiah will see each other. The false messiah will melt away like salt in water.

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