Intentions & The Lesson That Changed My Life

Actions will be judged by their intentions.

Have you ever seen Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in a dream?

Brother Moutasem Atiya tells an interesting story in this video that changed his life.

He went one day to visit the teacher of his teachers in Ankara.

On a personal level, he told the Sheikh that he sends many blessings on the prophet, but so far he has not seen him in a dream. He wanted to know what was wrong with him.

The sheikh answered that he also had not seen the Prophet, peace be upon him, in a dream.

He then tells him a story of the son of one of his students who saw the Prophet, peace be upon him, in a dream. This story sent a shock-wave into the heart of brother Moutassem as he realized there was a problem in his intention.

Don’t miss this three minutes video.