In Search of Sanctuary

Here is a very interesting speech from our sister Dr. Rebecca from UK, who details her journey to Islam.  She explains how Islam for her became a sanctuary. 

In this video she shares her years of experience and reflection about what is wrong with our societies and how Islam has boosted her spirituality. This is something that many of us have felt the lack of in recent years.

How should women be seen?

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While explaining how women were in seen in Victorian England, she expresses important notions about women’s body and how situation has worsened.

“[…] women are not assessed or shouldn’t be assessed according to their looks.

Again in the name of being free in Western society women are psychologically manipulated into exploiting themselves and cheapening themselves and are holding themselves out there in order to be scrutinized.

The most private part of your being […] are being put out there for anybody to assess and scrutinize and judge and I’m hearing that it’s even worse now for generation coming up.”

Another important part of her speech is about the care for others: “[…] Islam teaches you to respect the elderly while elderly are not particularly respected in our societies anymore.”

She has a lot to say masha’Allah, listen to her message.

Another inspirational story:

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