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How to Spend Long Winter Nights

We are approaching Winter in the Northern Hemisphere so how to spend the long Winter nights? We should make sure we fulfill salat ul Maghrib and salat ul Isha. Sometimes because the nights have become longer and the timings have changed, people may forget their prayers.

After you have fulfilled your prayers, don’t sit and waste time. Try and do something constructive. If you are married spend time with your spouse and family. This is an act of worship and very rewarding.

If you are young, don’t waste your time playing games. Make a routine and stick to it even if it is a little one. Attend lessons or sign up for a course. Try and get to bed early so you can wake up early to pray some Tahajjud before Fajr.

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There are many opportunities for us to be rewarded during the long Winter nights. Don’t waste them!

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