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How Can We Express Our Gratitude to Allah?

How can we express our gratitude to Allah? How does the Quran teach us to do that? Allah sent the angels to tell Mary (PBUH) just how special she was and how Allah has chosen her over all of the women of the world.

They said to her “O Mary, remain devout to your Lord and fall in prostration to Him along with those who prostrate.” (3:43) Mary was told to express her gratitude to the lofty station Allah elevated her too.

This was similar to what Allah told Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “Indeed we have granted you, o Muhammad, plenty. So pray to your Lord and Sacrifice to Him alone.” (108:1-2)

In Islam devotional worship is an expression of our love, our humility and our gratitude to Allah. That is also why devotional worship should be done on a daily basis. It is not seasonal.

Devotional worship to Allah is about recognizing Him through ritual acts of worship. It is also by appreciating his blessings respectfully.

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Gratitude is instilled into the Muslim mindset through the fact that it is re-iterated throughout the Quran and throughout the Prophetic tradition.