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Get Through Hard Times with These 7 Tips

You know we all go through hard times in this life. Allah told us He will test us. How do we get through these hard times whilst keeping our hope alive? Check these 7 tips. 

1. Control your tongue – never say bad things against Allah. 

2. Turn to Allah – fill your heart with Allah and He will get your through. 

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3. Trust in Allah’s decree – Allah has decreed this trial for you so trust Him. 

4. Use the trial to get closer to Allah – this could be your ticket to paradise. 

5. Be grateful – remember your trial could be worse and there are people in worse situations than you. 

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6. Take action – you can usually take some action to take to make the situation better. 

7. Make dua to Allah – Allah knows the pain you are going through and He is with you!

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