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From Hinduism to Islam – Revert Story

Akash Shaw was from West Bengal in India. He shares how he went from Hinduism to accepting Islam in 2019.

Akash was very busy with his friends. He was an average student but his father paid a lot of money for him to study. He was the joker and was always making his friends laugh.

He never took school serious and he used to bunk class to hang out with his friends and girls. He managed to pass his school in year 12.

His father wanted him to become a doctor so he left BSC college and started to prepare for his NEET exam. However, he failed the exam and his whole family broke down.

He started to work so he could save for his studies. He was ashamed to ask his father for any more money towards his studies. In 2019 he failed his exam by a few marks but he felt hopeless.

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At this time he had many Muslim friends and his house is surrounded by five masjids. Every day he would listen to the adhan. He met his Muslim friend and told him that he failed his exams. He told him he had done many mistakes in the past and now he is being punished.

His friend told him about Allah. He told him to believe in Allah and Allah will make it easy for him. So from there he started to research Islam. He started to feel a lot better about himself. He accepted Islam in May 2019 and freed himself from all major and minor sins!