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From an American Nun to a Muslim Revert!

Many find it hard to believe that Betty Hewitt is a Muslim revert! This is because sister Betty spent decades as an American nun! She now studies Arabic to better know the Quran. Click this video to hear her interesting story!

As a girl Betty Hewitt attended Sunday masses spoken in Latin as sister Catherine Robert, she prayed in English. It seems to be a dramatic change but it isn’t. The values are identical.

Growing up, everybody in her neighbourhood were Catholic. She went to the largest Catholic grammar school in the world and then went to a Catholic high school for all girls.

As she approached graduation in 1962 she wanted to become a nun. In 1982, she discovered that she wanted to leave the sisterhood. She had started to question some of the Catholic beliefs. She was told she had to write to the Pope to ask if she could leave. She didn’t mention her doubts.

Later she met Mohsen “Mo” Aly, a naturalized citizen and civil engineer from Egypt. He was the first Muslim she had ever met. Two years later they were married.

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She had doubts about becoming a Muslim but in 2007 she started to read the biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by former nun, Karen Armstrong. In 2008, with her husband by her side, she accepted Islam!

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