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Feeling Down? Allah Offers Guidance

We all have our moments when we are feeling down. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had many hardships and Allah offered guidance.

In the Quran 15:97, Allah told Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that They knew he was feeling down about the insults and attacks. Allah shared with him the words to relieve him of that stress.

These words will also relieve us of our stress also. Allah told us to make tasbeeh. Glorify the name of Allah. So when you are feeling down, enter into a state of Dhikr. Make sujood. This is the most important part of the salah. This is when we are connected the most to Allah and we can make dua.

Allah tells us to worship Him until death comes. This can be any kind of worship. When we are in acts of worship, these will see us through the hardships and we will find peace.