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Feeding the Homeless in Berlin: Syrian Refugee Gives Back

Feeding the homeless and those in need is a very noble and humane act of kindness.

This is the story of a Syrian refugee in Berlin giving back something small to German people he can help.

“I found myself in helping people. I feel I finally got love from them.

This is what I want. When you get love you get everything.”

Alex feeds the homeless at this spot in Berlin every Saturday.

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He’s from Damascus, and he had left Syria in 2006 for political reasons.

He then lived in Libya for 8 years, where he had a good job.

Then in 2014 he lost everything.

He went to Germany, and found he could work legally, so he applied for a work permit, and his application was accepted as he got official permission to work and live in Germany for 5 years.

“We should give something back,” he said to a friend.

Once a week, every Saturday, he buys food from the supermarket, and he cooks a hot meal, then goes on the street to feed the hungry and the homeless.

People started noticing him every week, and someone sent him a text message saying:

“I have been seeing you helping our homeless people, and it really touched my heart.

Thank you for being here in Germany.”

Watch Alex’s story in this 4 minute video and his charity kitchen in Berlin.