Islam in Action:

Feed the Needy: Blackburn, UK

In the Summer of 2015, during the month of Ramadan, a group of young Muslims set out to feed the needy, those in their town who were less fortunate.

This is a summary of how the day went and it shows just how amazing it was.

The smiles on peoples faces were worth every effort and it was great to see such a fantastic outcome of volunteers and great food.

We hope to continue this act of charity in the years to come and hope we can continue to make more people smile.

This is Islam in action, as Allah (SWT) describes believers in the Qur’an by saying:

And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan and the captive.” (76:8)

An excellent initiative which Muslims can repeat in all places around the world to help the needy.

Don’t miss this 4 minute video to see how young Muslims in Blackburn made a difference, and how we can contribute with non-Muslim co-citizens in working together for a more caring society.